Ernest Rudyak

Ernest Mikhalovich Rudyak is a Russian-American entrepreneur, born in Moscow, Russia (USSR) on January 22, 1987. He lived in Boston, Massachusetts, USA from 1992 until 2005.

Ernest Rudyak studied from early childhood through highschool in Massachusetts and graduated with Honors in 2005 from the Saint Marks School in Southboro. He received a Bachelors of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Southern California in 2009.

Ernest and his family own a group of companies under the Engeocom brand, founded by his father Mikhail Rudyak on June 21, 1989. Engeocom is one of the larger real estate development and construction companies in the Russian Federation. After Mikhail Rudyak’s untimely death in 2007 Ernest and his brother Aleksandr took over operation of the family business. After finalizing his studies in 2009 Ernest took over of all real estate management and development for Engeocom. Since 2012 he has been operating President of all of the family’s joint businesses in the Russian Federation.

The construction devision of Engeocom, of which Ernest is significant primary shareholder and holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors, is a leading Heavy Civil General Contractor in Russia. Over the past 25 years Engeocom has completed over 200 major construction projects in Russia and throughout the world including metro, road, tunnel, stadium, shopping center, airport, hotel and residential projects. Engeocom owns one of the largest concrete factories in Moscow, as well as its own metro tubing production facility.

Engeocom’s most prestigious construction projects include the reconstruction of the Moscow River canal, the demolition of Hotel Intourist with the following construction of the Ritz Carlton Hotel-Moscow, The Demolition and construction of Hotel Moscow, multiple stations and lines in the Moscow Metro System, the Central Olympic Stadium “Fisht” and the Ice Skating Palace “Iceberg” for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, just to name a few.

Engeocom’s real estate investment and development division has over 100 thousand square meters of real estate assets. Ernest has been operating and managing the development and real estate investment division of Engeocom since May of 2009. Engeocom owns and operates Atrium Mall in Moscow, among other office and residential projects. Atrium Mall has won many awards including “Best Shopping Center in Russia”, Best Shopping Center in Moscow, and Most Dynamically Evolving Shopping Center of the Capital.

Ernest is a significant primary shareholder of Engeocom Distributors, which was founded in 1994 and is a premium cosmetics distribution company that owns and operates mono-brand retail stores throughout the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The company exclusively distributes and retails premium cosmetic products from many of the world’s most renowned cosmetics brands on behalf of leading manufactures such as Procter & Gamble and previously Unilever.

Today Ernest Rudyak lives in Moscow, Russia. He currently actively leads Engeocom along with the management teams of its various companies. They are actively involved in new development projects in Moscow and the Moscow region. Currently under construction is a large urban development comprising over 200 thousand square meters of GBA (Gross Buildable Area) on a total of 34 hectares of land in the Moscow region located in the city of Khimki. The project consists of 9 apartment buildings, 146 townhouses, 72 cottages, a school (350 students), daycare (150 students), and a shopping center. They are also in the process of realizing an investment contract in the Moscow city center with a GBA of 58,9 thousand square meters. They are extremely focused on developing new projects, envisaging highend luxury and other developments in the City of Moscow and other prime locations in the Russian Federation. Ernest is actively invested in several companies in the United States and is currently searching for partnership investments from startup to medium stage opportunities geographically targeting BRICS countries as well Europe.